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FormGenics is a HTML Form code generator. It creates the necessary HTML and JavaScript code for any form that you create using the easy question and answer styled wizard.

What kind of forms can you create with FormGenics? You can create email contact forms, membership sign-up forms, log in forms, application forms, cool HTML forms, download forms, comment forms, polls, support ticket forms, simple forms, complex forms...

If you have ever had difficulties creating a HTML form or are just too busy to write one from scratch, then you are in the right place!

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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • •What kind of validation is supplied?
  • •How do I setup for Email validation?
  • •Can I have multiple Email inputs?
  • •What is "Form Processing"?
  • •How can I change the font style on my form?
  • •Can I save my form and finish it later?

  • What kind of validation is supplied?
    The vaildation supplied with your form is JavaScript and is triggered prior before the submit event. It only checks the fields that you have selected as "Required" and, with the exception of any Email input fields, only checks for empty or no inputs.

    How do I setup for Email validation?
    To create an Email Address input field and have its content validated as a valid Email Address is simple. Just create a text input field and as a field name, use the word "email" in the first part of the name.
    Examples of field names that will trigger an email validation:
    Any of the above will cause this form generator to produce the necessary JavaScript code to valid its value.

    Can I have multiple Email inputs?
    Of course. Simply use different variations of "email" names for the fieldnames. Such as:
    (See question & answer #2 above).

    What is "Form Processing"?
    Form processing is the method in which the data entered into your form is handled. A form processor is a script that will parse the information from the form's input fields and deliver it accordingly - email, database, another form, etc.
    Form processors come in many different applications and scripting languages. However, if you're not so inclined to be bothered by trying to understand php or perl, then you may want to use a remotely hosted form processor. These are sites that just do form handling. Please see our Help documents and visit our support Forum for more information.

    How can I change the font style on my form?
    If you know a little bit about CSS then you can set the following classes to any style you wish:
    By studying your forms html code, you'll notice that the Displayed Input names are on the left (ftbl_row_1,ftbl_row_2) and the input controls are on the right (ftbl_row_1a,ftbl_row_2a). Here is an example of styling the form to a font in Arial, size 12px, and color of blue:

    To right align just the Displayed Names:
    Of course, you may delete the class names altogether and simple put "font face='arial'", etc.

    Can I save my form and finish it later?
    No. However, you may take as long as you like to complete the form. Your form's data is temporarily stored on our server until you either reset the form, leave our site, close your browser, or log off the Internet. You may browse around the FormGenics site while composing your form without worrying about losing your data.

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