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FormGenics is a HTML Form code generator. It creates the necessary HTML and JavaScript code for any form that you create using the easy question and answer styled wizard.

What kind of forms can you create with FormGenics? You can create email contact forms, membership sign-up forms, log in forms, application forms, cool HTML forms, download forms, comment forms, polls, support ticket forms, simple forms, complex forms...

If you have ever had difficulties creating a HTML form or are just too busy to write one from scratch, then you are in the right place!

Easy, simple, and free. Click here to get started right away or quickly view the Quick Start Instructions. For more advanced help, check out the Comprehensive Help Guide and our Support Forum.

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FREE Professional Form Creation

Creating HTML Forms can be a daunting and tedious task, even for professionals. Why frustrate yourself when you can use FormGenics FREE HTML Form Generator!

html form generator html form wizard

Formgenics HTML form generator allows you to create professional looking forms for your website in just minutes. Making forms has never been easier.

-Little or no HTML programming knowledge needed!-
HTML Form Generator Features
  • Simple easy to use design interface.
  • Produces validation code for required fields.
  • Can validate multiple Email Address inputs.
  • Use your own form processor script*
  • Form's code conforms to W3C standards.
  • Adds Label & Accesskey elements for accessibility concerns.
  • Eight form inputs plus submit/reset button configuration.
  • Extensive on-line help documentation.
  • Did we mentioned that this was FREE?

» Produce fantastic looking forms for uses such as contact, comment, polls, file uploading, submissions, membership sign-ups, and more. Add, edit, delete each input field easily - even comes with its own validation script! A great free online webmaster tool resource.

screen shpt of text input option » Simply direct the form's action to your formmail* or other data processing script*, fill out the question and answer styled inputs, and cut & paste the compiled code into your HTML document. The forms will work on any webhosting since they are written in simple HTML code. Its that easy! Fully integrate into your web design by using your own style formatting. Web design friendly and simple to make!

» FormGenics HTML Form Maker generates any kind of form you want. Create text, password, email, select, radio buttons, checkbox, textareas, hidden, and file upload input fields.

» FormGenics Form Generator Wizard is so easy to use. The form generator wizard can create your web form in a matter of minutes. The generator can effortless build your email form, contact form, feedback form, membership sign-up form…any kind of web form! FormGenics Form Generator Wizard is a generator engineered to simplify the sometimes frustrating task of generating HTML web forms.

* There are dozens of method to choose from when deciding on how to process your form data. Click here for more information and suggestions.

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