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FormGenics is a HTML Form code generator. It creates the necessary HTML and JavaScript code for any form that you create using the easy question and answer styled wizard.

What kind of forms can you create with FormGenics? You can create email contact forms, membership sign-up forms, log in forms, application forms, cool HTML forms, download forms, comment forms, polls, support ticket forms, simple forms, complex forms...

If you have ever had difficulties creating a HTML form or are just too busy to write one from scratch, then you are in the right place!

Easy, simple, and free. Click here to get started right away or quickly view the Quick Start Instructions. For more advanced help, check out the Comprehensive Help Guide and our Support Forum.

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Here are just a few creatives (both image and text) that you may use on your site or in your emails. We do ask you to please download the images and use them off your server as to keep our bandwidth within budget. For your convenience, we have zipped together some of the links - code and  images - to make downloading them a little bit easier.

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